The North Carolina Presenters Consortium (NCPC) advances the performing arts through collaboration, shared resources and professional development.

NCPC believes in:

The power of bringing artists and audiences together for live performances;

Promoting a spirit of non-competitiveness;

Creating opportunities that foster inspiration, dialogue, inclusion and discovery;

Bringing the unique, creative experience shared between artist and audience to all people of North Carolina.




Thank you to our FEATURED SPONSORS 

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Jeff Boyer is a proven crowd pleasing performer engaging, amusing and educating audiences for over 21 years. He’s been excited about bubbles and physics since he was a kid. He started Jeff Boyer Productions in 1999, and has been wowing audiences internationally with bubbles, science, and comedy ever since. Jeff began creating bubble shows in 2005. The evolution of this unique inclusiveness and interactive art separates Bubble Trouble from other bubble shows, thrills audiences and builds lasting community among performing arts center’s patrons.

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The Clayton Center Auditorium and Conference Center, located in the heart of historic downtown Clayton, North Carolina, is a wonderful example of how a group of private individuals can work with local government to preserve a piece of the past without sacrificing service to the community. The Clayton Center has its roots in the former Clayton School, which closed in 1997. The Clayton Cultural Arts Foundation raised $2.1 million to restore the school auditorium (circa 1926), while the Town of Clayton government spent an additional $6 million to renovate the classroom building. After several years of hard work and dedication to the project, the Town opened the doors to The Clayton Center in 2002– a unique, multipurpose space that is home to a 600-seat performing arts auditorium, a comfortable conference center for public and private events, and office space for town government operations.