What is a presenter?
Performing arts presenting organizations facilitate exchanges between artists and audiences through creative, educational and performance opportunities. The work that these artists perform is produced outside of the presenting organization. ("The Capacity of Performing Arts Presenting Organizations," by Mark A. Hager and Thomas H. Pollak, The Urban Institute, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, April 2002)
Presenters contract talent spanning multiple genres for one or more engagements at theatres, colleges and universities, festivals, performing arts centers, and other venues in communities large and small.

Why should I join NCPC?
NCPC is a valuable resource network for presenters, agents, artists, vendors, and service providers. As one of the largest and most active state consortia, we provide access to a vibrant statewide arts scene and a pool of friendly colleagues who have collectively amassed decades of experience in the industry. Our meetings, listserv, and ArtsMarket conference help agents, artists, and vendors connect with presenters, and presenters connect with one another.

Should I join as an organizational or individual member?
If you represent a company or organization that has more than one person who would wish to be involved with NCPC (participate on the listserv, attend meetings, etc.), choose organizational.  If you are an independent artist or agent and will be the sole person affiliated with your NCPC membership, choose individual.

How do I use the NCPC listserv to communicate with other members?
The NCPC listserv is available to current members to ask questions, share news, and communiate about block booking.  For complete instructions and information, members may view our LISTSERV page (login required).