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1-to1 Meetings

For 1-to-1 meetings, agent/managers and artists will meet individually with presenters in virtual breakout rooms. Each meeting will last just a few minutes and will be scheduled in advance by NCPC staff. The exact timing will be determined by the number of people signed up.

Although this is similar to what we've done at Bull Chat meetings in the past, we encourage agents and artists this year to not think about it as a pitch; rather, a "how are you? / how are things going at your organization or business?" kind of meetup.

Yes, you might get paired with someone who you wouldn't necessarily do business with. But you'll also get a chance to talk with friendly colleagues and those you've worked with for years! It's only a few minutes; if nothing else, talk about movies or cocktails or how badly you need a haircut.

It's an experiment. It will be fun. You'll learn a little more about your fellow members. 

Thanks for diving in with us!