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For inquires about the registration process, please contact our Registration Coordinator, Julie Gaitens at [email protected]


2019 Registration Fees

Presenters/Service Organizations:

Members Early After 10/4   Non-Members Early After 10/4
1st delegate  $175 $250   1st delegate  $225 $275
Additional delegates       $125      $250   Additional delegates      $175       $275



Members     Non-Members  
1st registrant (includes booth & full conference registration for 2 delegates)       $225           1st registrant (includes booth & full conference registration for 2 delegates)       $300
Additional delegates $75   Additional delegates $75
Booth electricity $60   Booth electricity $60


Showcase Artists:
Deadline to apply May 1

Showcase application fee $50
Production fee (if selected to showcase)       $150



Guidelines for Agent/Artist Visitor Passes
- Visitor pass registrants will receive the attendee lists emailed in advance.
Visitor registrants are allowed to contact presenters in advance and set appointments. However, they may not stake claim to a specific location or set up any display or promotional materials anywhere in the exhibit hall or conference facilities. Although pre-arranged meetings with presenters may be convened in a lounge or common area, agent/artist visitor registrants may not solicit presenters in the exhibit hall. 
Conversations and trading business cards is considered under the realm of “normal networking” but this cannot happen in the exhibit hall.