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The Challenge of Our Future

Itamar KubovyItamar Kubovy, Executive Producer of Pilobolus

The current assault on the fabric of our national cultural activity is nowhere more challenged than in our southern states. Against a national background of evasive truth, diminished public gathering, and a hyper-mediated, self-segregating digital life, the importance of the live public space has changed from decreasing relevance to urgent necessity. Telling stories that move people and gain their trust is a critical piece of the healing that is required for progress, and we must think of our responsibilities as directly impacting those goals. In an age where “trust” and “facts” are not linked as they once were, programmers of public spaces must set an example for hospitality as they guide the relevance and humanity of the stories we tell ourselves and our future generations. This interactive talk will both present the case and discuss some possible directions for next steps for us all.

ITAMAR KUBOVY oversees the many moving parts of Pilobolus as Executive Producer. He founded and co-curates Pilobolus’ critically-acclaimed International Collaborators Project, which opens the choreographic process to artists and thinkers from diverse fields. In that role, he has created work with the MIT Distributed Robotics Lab; head writer of SpongeBob SquarePants, Steve Banks; choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui; comics artist Art Spiegelman; puppeteer Basil Twist; masters of trickery Penn & Teller; and writers Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen. Itamar is one of the creators of Pilobolus’ Shadowland, the evening-length hit show. He also evolved Pilobolus Creative Services, collaborating with clients such as Google, IBM, Boston Consulting Group, the US Olympic Committee, the NFL Network, Pfizer, and many others to develop movement for film, advertising, publishing, and corporate events. Before joining Pilobolus, he studied philosophy at Yale, ran theatres in Germany and Sweden, directed plays, co-directed the 2002 season finale of The West Wing, and made a film, Upheaval, starring Frances McDormand.