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Featured Sponsor: Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre Goldsboro - exterior

The Paramount is a beautiful performing arts theatre located in the heart of historic downtown Golsboro, NC. Originally constructed in 1882, the building was razed by fire in 2005 and reconstructed in 2008. Home to countless local performing arts events such as plays, musicals and dance performances, the Paramount also features a small classic/themed movie night series and an annual series of professional artists from around the globe. The Paramount is the perfect venue for a variety of events and entertainment in Goldsboro.

We wanted to get to know a little more about the theatre and its director, Adam Twiss, so we asked him a few questions. Here's what he had to say:

How long has the Paramount Theatre been in business?  
The building was originally built in 1882, and was officially in business from the start...but I think the more appropriate answer would be 2008, when it was rebuilt and launched as we know it now.

What about the theatre makes you most proud?  
I’m proud that as a municipal theatre, we keep the public service element at the forefront of all that we do. We are intentional about diversity, inclusion, and cultural enrichment and put those elements first when we develop our programming...and I’m proud of our team’s innovation in the face of the current pandemic.

How has your business adapted during the pandemic?  
We have scaled back capacity per the Governor’s Executive Orders, and while it is not possible for us to execute an expensive presenting series at current levels, we are able to both create our own successful concert series using local talent, and to host rentals for low-capacity ticketed events. Rental fees are scaled to capacity levels, and while we are not making much money, we are covering costs and helping local arts groups salvage their seasons and livelihoods. We are staying on mission and have a very busy, low-capacity season ahead.

What project(s) are you most excited about? 
Our concert series of Broadway musicals was developed as a model of how a high-quality show could be safely rehearsed and performed while covering costs at limited capacity...they have been outstanding and everyone involved as well as the audiences believe it should be continued beyond the pandemic because it works beautifully.  We have limitless suggestions on shows people would like to see adapted to this format.

What’s the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen? 
Tough question, most answers would not reflect on the quality of performance or performer nearly as much as other personal factors such as who I was there with, what action did I take following the performance, did I direct it, or do I have friends or family in it. I’ve never been wowed by something grand and polished on a Broadway stage nearly as much as something gritty and personal in an intimate setting, though I’m not immune to star-power, and get excited to see legendary performers working at their craft. For overall artistic genius and innovation in a large production, it does not get more memorable for me than Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton; for individual performances, I’ll stick with theatre and say John Douglas Thompson as Shakespeare’s Othello.

Our sincere thanks to the Paramount Theatre for their longtime support and sponsorship! For more information, visit