Next Meeting

Jun 15

2020 Annual Meeting

Open to all NCPC members, the Annual Meeting focuses on networking and professional development.


The North Carolina Presenters Consortium (NCPC) advances the performing arts through collaboration, shared resources and professional development.

NCPC believes in:

The power of bringing artists and audiences together for live performances;

Promoting a spirit of non-competitiveness;

Creating opportunities that foster inspiration, dialogue, inclusion and discovery;

Bringing the unique, creative experience shared between artist and audience to all people of North Carolina.


Siegel Artist Management logo

Established in 1970 by the late Ethel Siegel, Siegel Artist Management is an award-winning, boutique agency known for its artistic excellence, integrity and superior service. They represent an eclectic roster of exceptional artists ranging from special attractions, dance, and music to family entertainment and arts in education. Siegel believes communication between the artist, the agency and the presenter is imperative to success. For more than four decades, they have served the performing arts industry through board and committee service, professional development and mentoring.

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Cadenza Artists is a powerful collective of authentic, passionate and artist-centered professionals who innovate and curate bold artistic experiences in partnership with leading arts presenters and institutions, diverse communities, and creative spaces globally. Cadenza is committed to bringing positivity, ingenuity, determination, energy, and a collaborative spirit to our industry. Whether you are an artist, presenter or collaborator, our job is to understand your goals and needs, identify synergies, and shepherd your collaborations to the highest levels of success.